Our strengths

"Young people were seen to live their dreams and to embrace them". OFSTED report, 2016

Outstanding teaching and learning

The teachers and the support assistants who work with our students benefit from rigorous professional development programmes. Regular observation of teaching and learning and assessment feeds into personal development plans and demonstrates that our classes are effective and enjoyable.

Focus on outcomes for students

At Treloar’s we are all focussed on our students’ futures. We know our job is to maximise their independence and help them gain the skills they need to get the best from life.

"The staff's support and commitment enables the young people to meet their full potential". OFSTED report, 2016

We can demonstrate students make excellent progress

All students are assessed on admission and their progress is recorded on a wide variety of methods describing their development in communication, independence skills, health and well-being, accessing the community and academic skills including numeracy and literacy. We are developing on-line systems which allow parents, students and teachers to keep up-to-date on achievement.

"The senior team is inspirational and ambitious in promoting positive experiences for all young people who come into the School. It is able to recognise the impact that the School has had and how young people have progressed, given their starting points". OFSTED report, 2016

Employer links and work experience

Treloar’s has strong links with national and local employers including big names such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car and British Airways. From year 9 on all our students will have work experience included in their programme and we can support them into traineeships, internships, volunteering and full-time work.

Clear vision which is understood and supported by staff

All of us at Treloar’s aim to work together to be ‘experts in complexity’, providing outstanding services to students with severe and complex physical disabilities. Our Holybourne hub offers both expertise and economies of scale for those who require an integrated and specialist approach and provides a base from which we can work in partnership with others to support the wider disabled community.

Learner and parents voice make a difference

We work hard to listen to what our students and parent/carers are telling us about the service we provide. We do this through parents’ days, regular surveys, webinars and the parents association and use this feedback to make changes and drive up standards.

Independence curriculum and culture focussed on progression–‘Life after Treloar’s’

We help our students to achieve their full potential - independently, socially and academically. At the same time we help them become more self-assured so they can make realistic and achievable choices about their future - getting a job, further studies or living more independently. The independence curriculum at Treloar’s is highly personalised to meet the needs of individual students and their intended progression route when they leave Treloar’s. It covers the development of their communication skills, independent living skills, accessing the community, leisure activities and transport skills.

It helps our students gain a better understanding of how to manage and promote their own health, physical and emotional wellbeing and personal safety. In their preparation for adulthood the curriculum considers all aspects of this agenda offering a focus on how our students can become economically and socially active as possible.

Through our assessment and tracking processes we can evidence that many of our students exceed expected progress in the development of these independence skills during their time at Treloar’s. In 2014/15 82% of our College leavers and 95% of our School leavers were successful in achieving their intended next progression pathway.

Multi-disciplinary working and inter-disciplinary respect produce greater benefits for students than silo working

One of the great advantages we have at Treloar’s is the full range of professional services we have onsite working together 24/7 in the interests of each individual student. Every student has their own multi-disciplinary team, bringing together teachers, therapists, care staff, health professionals and other specialists as required. The teams meet regularly with each student to fine tune their programme and ensure it effectively meets their needs and keeps the focus on preparing them for their future.

"All the teams integrate and are central to how the School operates. As a result, a high quality of care and excellent outcomes are consistently achieved". OFSTED report, 2016

Our technology transforms the life chances of our students

At Treloar’s we aim to stay at the forefront of developments in technology and use it to help overcome disability, improve education and measure success. We showcase all the latest developments and support new ideas in our Tech Hub where a specialist team of IT, systems, assistive technologists and resource managers are on hand.

Exceptional training and development improves support for students

Exceptional staff require exceptional support and training to ensure they can support each other and give of their best. Our professional development system is amongst the more comprehensive and ambitious in the business. No wonder we were shortlisted for the Association of College’s Beacon Award which identified our staff training as amongst the best in the sector. We have also gained awards as an Investor in People and Leader in Diversity.

Universal observation of high quality care and therapy

We have high standards of quality and care; we train and support our staff to enable them to give their best. We ensure our managers walk the floor to support what they see and ensure that high standards are maintained. Our staff sign up to the TreloarCare Standard, which helps us care for others as we would like to be cared for ourselves.

Support for the disabled community

Treloar’s is more than just a school and a college. We are a charity dedicated to doing the best for young people with disabilities and those who support them. Our BELONG parent and toddler group provides welcome support for parents of disabled children coming to terms with the challenges they face. We are keen to work with other providers who may lack the facilities, support and expertise which we can provide and we open our facilities to a wide range of groups supporting the disabled.

Student involvement and British Values

Treloar's is a safe and inclusive community that prides itself on its exemplifying of British values: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; respect for all and tolerance of those who are different. We do this through how we behave, how we train staff, through the curriculum, what we expect of students and by ensuring that the values are widely displayed. We work with students in surveys and in School and College Councils to identify their wishes and feelings and we have elections for student offices.