After College

Transition planning

We work throughout the placement to provide students the opportunity to understand their choices and opportunities for living, learning, working and socialising beyond Treloar's. Enabling them to realise realistic intentions when planning futures involving parents, guardians, external agencies and other stakeholders related to transition. The purpose being to :

  • To maintain continuity along the Learner Journey highlighting actions requiring resolution.
  • To clearly identify the steps required to maintain continuity along the Learner Journey.
  • To clearly identify the stages involved in supporting the student after leaving the college.
  • To follow up the Transition Plan at agreed intervals

Our onsite team are dedicated to providing a student centred approach to transition. Each student will be allocated a transition worker who will work with them from entry until at least four months after they leave. The aim of this service is to provide robust information, support, advice and guidance, and to facilitate joined up work between the student, education, local transition workers, social workers and parents, plus other organisations to whom we refer students.

Moving on

Students will be invited to Leavers' Group sessions in their final half-term at the College. We also provide resources through the Futures Centre which contains relevant and up-to-date material and Future Fest an annual event with exhibitors in the range of options open to our students as they move on.

Dedicated careers software is available to all students via any internet access point, and where required additional Transition Planning meetings can be arranged at college, as appropriate, with student, relevant college personnel, outside agencies and parents etc.

After our students leave Treloar's, our Transition Workers are available to work alongside them for a short period of time. They can follow up on the students' progress over the summer, whether they've settled into their future placements, or are still trying to confirm plans that were outlined in their Transition Plans when they left College.

Students will receive on-going follow up from the Former Students' Officer through personal phone calls or e-mails to determine whether their plans have been successful and how the Transition Plan has developed. This tracking will take place at 5 months, 9 months, 2 years and 4 years after leaving. It allows us not only to support the individual but to learn more and more about what our leavers are facing when they move on from Treloar's. We can then apply these findings to support and improve the experience for our next group of leavers.

"There was a very detailed transition process in place to ensure the College was appropriate for prospective students and to help monitor how effective the college had been in helping students to prepare for their future lives". CQC report.