A holistic approach: caring for mind, body and spirit

Students come to College to acquire new skills and learn. We think that taking a holistic approach is the best way to help them do that.

Depending on interests, goals and other needs, students will come into contact and work with a variety of different staff at Treloar's - we have twice as many staff as students!

More details about some of the specialist services at the College can be found in this and the therapy, medical support and independence training sections. These disciplines rarely work in isolation and together they aim to maximise each student's opportunities and help them learn and develop in the way that suits them best. We also have dedicated drivers, catering, admin and facilities staff who make sure students can get from A-B, that they have the food they need and that everything is clean, well maintained and works as it should do.

Most students who come to Treloar College board with us during term time. We understand that being away from home is a big challenge and strive to create an encouraging and supportive environment for all our young people who are away from their families.