At Treloar's, we think emotional health is just as important as physical health and academic achievement. Treloar College is a busy and stimulating environment and students arrive here at an important time in their personal development.

Inevitably all students have highs and lows - friendships, their health and that of others, studying and family issues can all be sources of joy or concern. We want them to always feel there is someone to whom they can talk.

Residential support staff in halls of residence are trained to support students so they can talk to someone there if they have any concerns. If a student prefers to talk to someone a bit more removed from the day-to-day environment, we also have part-time counsellors who are all experienced in working with young people. A BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) senior accredited counsellor leads our counselling team.

Students can approach a counsellor directly or ask a member of staff to arrange something on their behalf. The counselling team is supported by a GP, the chaplain, residential staff and others where appropriate to support our students.

Counselling is something that a student has to want to engage with and the team support students in their decisions about what support they need.