Creative & Enterprise

Offered to students working between Entry Levels 1 - 3 (pre GCSE), this pathway will provide a set of core sessions aimed at preparing students for the future. This will consist of a variety of subjects from, understanding how to access, and use, community facilities, as well as develop shopping and budgeting skills. Students will work towards developing their domestic independence skills, confidence communicating with others as well as the use of ICT to aid independence and communication. They will also attend sessions in Personal, Health and Social Education. As appropriate, the students will be able to access bespoke programmes of work related learning and develop their employability skills. Students will participate in a range of enrichment opportunities which will help inform them of the kind of leisure options they may enjoy in the future, for example, sport, music, art and gardening. Some activities will be delivered in a classroom environment whilst others may be delivered within the community or on the residential houses.

The aim of the Creative and Enterprise pathways will be relevant nationally recognised accreditation. Click here for course information.