Sensory & Interactive

This is aimed at the more complex disabled and sensory impaired students working largely at Pre Entry levels, and will be based in small tutor groups with very individualised targets. Learning will be undertaken in a range of settings to expand the horizons of the student and work holistically on their development and will involve sensory and experiential activities. This will include the development of independence skills on the Residential Houses to the wider college environment and local community.

Key to this curriculum is enabling students to continue to develop some essential skills in the following areas:

Simple communication so they can express and understand their own wants and needs as independently as possible.
• Basic decision-making skills so they are empowered to make decisions about their own life.
• Developing a greater understanding of themselves as a person, the things they like or don't like, what they need, what help they need and how to keep themselves safe, and their rights as an individual, to achieve and work towards meaningful goals.

Students in this group will normally move onto residential living environments with opportunities to maintain their interests in the community.

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