Life & Independence Skills

Treloar's has a 24-hour curriculum; after classes finish other learning takes place in a residential setting. Students can plan meals to cook with their friends, prepare a budget, obtain the food, cook and then enjoy the results. They work as part of a team, helping one another to succeed, and are supported by staff. For some students this means they do the task, for others it means directing. Our teamwork approach ensures that no individual student is left out and each one is valued.

Each student has their own close staff team, known as the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) team. Students work closely with their ILP team, setting themselves challenging but achievable targets. Our staff are from all multi-disciplinary areas - tutors, literacy and numeracy staff, speech and language, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is central to devising and reviewing the students' learning programme.

We help our students to achieve their full potential- independently, socially and academically. At the same time we help them become more self-assured so they can make realistic and achievable choices about their future - getting a job, further studies or living more independently.

Alongside their academic studies therefore the students work on:

  • Personal Progress
  • Independent Living
  • Work Experience

All are aimed at supporting them meet their placement goal, whatever that may be, and on which they will work with the Transition Team.

"Treloar has enabled me to be my own person".
Student quote from the CQC report.