Independent Living

College is about much more than just getting formal qualifications - that's what makes us different. We are also interested in helping students to prepare for the future, which is what our Independent Living Skills (ILS) curriculum is all about.

Independence isn't just about achieving a task, it's about students making choices for themselves and telling support workers what they need. Our ILS programme offers something for everyone and involves staff from across the College working together to help a student develop the skills that are important to them.

Independent Living Skills will include:

  • Awareness and understanding of needs
  • Decision Making
  • Personal care independence
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping
  • Domestic activities
  • Financial

This will be supplemented by experience and access to the local community for what will be life experiences of the future. This will include both leisure and enrichment activities.

Accessing the Community training will include:

  • On campus driving
  • Off campus driving
  • Awareness of personal safety and strategies in the community
  • Preparation for off campus activities
  • Journey planning
  • Leisure access

Former students tell us that learning to be independent can be the hardest lesson of all to learn, and the most valuable.