Work Experience

"Students benefit from carefully selected, purposeful work placements. All students who are able to undertake an external work placement now do so". Ofsted report, January 2017

We provide opportunities to plan, experience and review work placements either internally at Treloar's or externally in the local community. The aim is to give students personalised experiences, knowledge, sklls and planning tools which will enable them to make informed decisions and choices about future, paid or unpaid, employment. This is aimed at preparing them for when they leave College.

Supported throughout their time at Treloar's by personal tutors, therapists and a dedicated World of Work team, students can expect to develop a comprehensive range of interpersonal, social, independence and employability skills.

Benefits to the student

This work experience helps students to:

  • Gain practical experience in the workplace in a manner suitable to their skills
  • Improve their understanding of working in a real business or workplace
  • Develop their skills and experience for their Curriculum Vitae
  • Gain confidence in their abilities to seek work or voluntary placements in the future

These placements will be undertaken in line with the British Association for Supported Employment model with vocational profiles, employer engagement, preparation, in-work support and job coaching.

Community links

We continue to develop links with the local and business community to offer personalised work placements to meet the individual needs of each student. All students are appropriately supported by College staff to attend work experence if required.