Student Stories


Lucy, who goes by the name of Lu, joined Treloar College in September 2014 and is studying textile design through Treloar's partnership with Alton College. Treloar College students are able to study for A levels and attend classes at Alton College, one of the country's top sixth form colleges. Lu hopes to study interior design at university when she finishes her studies at Alton College. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Shannon is an enthusiastic, bright, determined College student. She has cerebral palsy but can understand everything that goes on around her – she speaks by using a communication device (a “TellUs4”) and a variety of gestures and facial expressions. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Jack is a very social 19 year old who likes making friends and hugely enjoys action and challenges such as riding his bike, swimming, riding horses and playing the guitar and keyboard. He is great at letting people know how he is feeling through his body language, facial expressions and gestures, however this relies on a familiar person’s insight into his non-verbal communication. He has always attended an independent school which could cater for his very complex needs so when his parents were looking for Jack to start at college in September 2014, they carefully considered the options open to him. One of those was Treloar College. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE