Vocational Studies

This programme area consists of a range of vocational courses for students working between Level 1 and 3 (GCSE and A Level equivalent). Students following this route will be working towards an accredited vocational course within the QCF Framework. The focus will be on the preparation for employment or progression through to advanced level courses at either Treloar College, or through the partnership with Alton College. Such courses, therefore, can lead to employment, self-employment and voluntary work or on to higher education.

The students will work on one or more main subject areas, chosen from the following options:

  • Vocational Studies ( a generic course which can include units of study in Art, Media, Photography, Drama, Business and ICT)
  • Arts & Media including Photography
  • Business & Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Extended Project Qualification
  • Sports Leadership

In addition students will work on their personal development with their future in mind and will attend sessions in the following areas in addition to their main course:


Cookery sessions provide a basic introduction to Domestic Independence as part of the Independent Living curriculum. It aims to promote an independent and “can do” approach to a range of different kitchen based challenges. Cookery also aims to develop awareness of health, safety and hygiene in the kitchen and incorporates healthy eating, costs and budgeting, food handling and storage, equipment safety and skills. Students are supported to complete practical and relevant cookery tasks with identified support learning and understanding how much time specific tasks will take, preparing for future independent living and booking care support.

Employability Skills/Enterprise

As part of a carousel students will learn the skills required to set up and run their own creative enterprise business, by either selling their own work or providing a creative service such as working on a commission or creating business cards. This will include an understanding of market research, setting the prices for their products; understand the significance of effective marketing and planning, monitoring and reviewing the enterprise project. They will also be supported to develop their CVs and interviewing techniques as well as researching appropriate paid and volunteering opportunities.

For students whose intended and likely destination is paid or unpaid work, we have developed a wide range of internal and external work placement opportunities. Students are assessed and enabled to access these with the appropriate level of support.

Independence Programme

Some students may be given the opportunity to take part in the formal independence programme designed for students aiming to go to university or supported living where care support is booked and arranged in advance. This will include sessions on budgeting and personal money management, benefits, employing a Personal Assistant; safety in the home, planning a weekly menu, managing medication, specialist equipment and community access and safety.

News and Views

Students take part in sessions aiming to develop critical thinking skills and how these can be used to review news, discuss views and make more informed decisions and choices. Using a variety of resources (links, newspapers, worksheets, quizzes etc.) students consider current news stories and complete activities relevant to current news stories and the media.


Students take part in a range of disabled sporting activities including boccia, curling and killer curling, rounder’s, basketball, skittles and polybat.

Tutorial Support/Functional Skills

Tutorial/Functional Skills (maths, English and ICT) Tutorial sessions provide the opportunity for the students to share news, work on individual functional skills targets along with MDT targets. A wide range of functional skills are naturally embedded within the course and are timetabled as discrete sessions. Students may have the opportunity to gain or add to formal Functional Skills qualifications, via additional support sessions with specialist Functional Skills teachers.