When a student first arrive at Treloar's, they are assessed by one of our physiotherapists. They work to ensure students can achieve their full movement and mobility potential so they can participate fully in your education and social life.

Physiotherapy plans

All our students have their own physiotherapy plan, which is individual to them. We create this with the particular student and his or her physiotherapy will involve residential support staff, if appropriate. Physiotherapy includes exercises, stretches, pain relief and postural management. It may take place individually or in groups. Students may also have physiotherapy in the on-site hydrotherapy pool.

When students leave Treloar's, they should have the confidence to live in an environment where physiotherapy is not routinely available, and be able to develop an exercise programme that they can maintain on their own.

Clinics and appointments

Our physiotherapy team is on call 24 hours a day during term time for emergencies which will generally mean chest physio.

The team liaises with the visiting orthotist, who provides specialist equipment such as boots, splints and walking aids, in his weekly clinic. Physiotherapists also take the lead in post-operative therapy for students when they return to College after surgery.