Sensory Support

Treloar College is an inclusive environment. We're keen that our students with a hearing or visual impairment don't have to face additional challenges in class, around the site or in their hall of residence.

Support for students with a visual impairment

Our visual impairment adviser (who is also a state registered orthoptist) works on site one or two days a week. Among other things they:

  • Carry out visual assessments, including help to understand your visual impairment and working out ways to manage it
  • Provide low vision aids such as magnification systems and reading scanners or adapted computers
  • Liaise with external ophthalmologists, other ophthalmic specialists and the College Health Centre staff on your behalf
  • Support students with a hearing impairment

We also have a hearing impairment adviser who:

  • Carries out hearing tests
  • Works with teaching staff on audio loop and other facilities to ensure you can fully participate in lessons
  • Works with care and facilities staff to ensure background noise levels are managed with your needs in mind
  • Liaises with specialists in your home area regarding hearing equipment