Speech & Language Therapy

    Help with speech, language and communication

    Our on-site Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) department offers support for students who have difficulties with:

    • Communication
    • Speech
    • Language
    • Social communication skills
    • Eating and drinking
    • Hearing

    Our SLTs complete detailed assessments, observations and consultations to identify appropriate support for each student. We aim to help all our students optimise their communication abilities to access education, build social relationships and develop independence skills.

    SLT input takes place in a number of ways:

    • Individual or group sessions
    • Support in class
    • Training of key staff and parents
    • Monitoring and advice

    Therapy input is as likely to happen in the classroom or the house, as in a designated therapy room.

    The SLT department is committed to our multi-disciplinary approach and supplies key members to a number of teams, for example:

    • Multi-Disciplinary Team for each class group, which meets regularly to discuss students' needs and set termly targets
    • Communication Support Team, which assesses and monitors students' equipment and software needs for communication and education access
    • Nutrition Support Team, which works to ensure that students are well nourished, eat safely and have the appropriate assistance and equipment

    For students who need Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems to help them communicate, we offer assessment and on-going support, with a range of equipment to trial voice-output devices. The SLT department has expertise with a wide range of AAC systems, including personalised communication books and hi-tech voice-output technology.

    We have also developed a broad range of resources using picture communication symbols, which are used throughout the College to support our students' communication and learning.