Rebecca's Story

Rebecca is 20 and attends Alton College whilst at Treloar’s. She passed her Level 3 BTech in Health & Social Care with three starred distinctions in the summer of 2015 and hopes to go to Stirling University to study Social Work.

Rebecca is using her final year at Treloar’s to build her independence skills and achieve a maths qualification which will help with her University application. She is living in Evans House in an independence flat that she has made her home. Rebecca recognises that for any student who has always had everything done for them, small steps are important. Being able to switch on a washing machine for the first time is a small but significant step on the path to independence

Before joining Treloar’s Rebecca studied in mainstream education where, in her own words, she “came up against a number of attitudinal barriers”. She wanted to come to Treloar’s as she believed it would provide an environment that would be accepting of disability: she had previously met with many people who were prejudiced and who she feels prevented her from showing her full potential.

Rebecca says that she took a gamble on coming to Treloar’s; it provided a glimmer of hope for her to work towards when she was being told her future was most likely to be moving into a nursing home or a care home for the disabled. At that time Rebecca felt she “could not see the wood for the trees”. After her time at Treloar’s she now says “the forest is cleared and there are many doors open to me”.