Rob’s Story- from pupil to employee

Rob joined Treloar School as a pupil in 2009. In 2011 he moved to Treloar College and studied in our Ian Karten Centre (IKC) printing enterprise - "TreloarPrint"- where he completed a City & Guilds level 2 qualification in Business and Administration. He left the College in the summer of 2014 but his plans did not work out. As a result, he returned as our first ‘trainee’, partly funded by Farnborough College. This was a great success!

During the course of his traineeship, Rob added a Presentation Software unit to his C&G NVQ Level 2 qualification, for which he developed an excellent on-screen presentation to provide visiting customers with an interactive price list on a free-standing touchscreen console in our reception area. He also passed exams in Functional Skills Maths and English at Level 1 and developed his employability skills and resources by attending some practice interview sessions, a work skills study training course, and he updated and improved his CV.

All his hard work paid off. A new salaried post – IKC Technical Assistant – was advertised and open to any applicant. Rob applied, was interviewed and appointed.

He started work in September 2015 and is proving to be a valuable and capable member of the team. He works from 9 to 4, Monday to Friday, and he lives in local supported accommodation. We are delighted that this new initiative is working so well and we are hoping to build on this, possibly with other similar roles such as reception services, estimating and supplies or perhaps promotion and marketing.

Rob is a highly skilled and capable employee who is very knowledgeable about all of our machines and systems, adept with complex software, and able to communicate and instruct others clearly and effectively. We are very proud to have been part of his journey from pupil to employee.

Rob explaining folding machine Rob teaching the teacher

The above photos show Rob training a new member of staff, who has never used any of our equipment, how to use our new folding machine, which he did flawlessly. It is a complex machine!

Working with students

(Left) Rob is showing a visiting school 6th form student how some of the TreloarPrint systems work – in this case how to use the information from our Job Record spreadsheet to produce an invoice.

Explaining the equipment

(Right) Rob is talking a student through how to use the photocopier to scan printed documents to create pdf files.