Feel Good Week

When: 26th February 2018

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Feel Good Week

Please join us for "feel good week"

What we need you to do…

We all know that Treloar’s is a fun and happy place to be for all students and staff! So from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March we will have a week-long celebration full of fun and fundraising in aid of all of the things that make us ‘Feel Good’.

Feel Good Week will be raising money for permanent shade for the piazza.

We like to encourage our students to get outside whenever possible, but on hot sunny days, shade is essential to prevent our young people overheating or getting sun burned. Permanent sun shades or sails are a great solution to this problem and we would like to raise £1,000 from Feel Good Week to contribute to these costs.

We are asking students, staff, parents and our supporters to put on an event or challenge themselves and get sponsored to raise money. Have a look at our A-Z of Fundraising ideas for inspiration or come up with your own idea!

Please let us know if you would like to take part or chat about your ideas - email Charlotte or set up your own Just Giving page and link to ours!

Thank you!