Treloar's Champion

We need your help!

We are looking for people who have links or connections with companies who they might be able to introduce Treloar’s to. The hope is, with your help, they may like to consider supporting Treloar’s in the future.

Nowadays company support is heavily reliant on staff recommendations and nominations and so it would be fabulous if you can help put us in touch, and be a "Treloar's Champion".

Companies can support Treloar’s in many different ways. It could be anything from organising some staff fundraising, making a donation, sponsoring an event or activity, volunteering, gifts in kind through to making Treloar’s their charity of the year.

We would be very happy to go and meet a company, provide information on Treloar’s, present to staff, write applications, host visits or any other ways in which we could support an introduction. Just let us know what might work!

We would love to hear from you if you think you, or any of your family or friends could help.

Please do get in touch with Lucinda Gillingham or Charlotte Thomas on 01420 547 464 or email with your ideas.