On the 9th April, Treloar School student Poppy will be taking part in her FIRST marathon in Brighton, alongside her older brother Sam and her Dad, Rob.

Poppy has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She has always had huge aspirations and loves to challenge her disability. Sam tells us why they wanted to take on this challenge.

When I was 15 (Poppy was 6), she approached me and said "Sammy, why can't I walk". I was speechless. I didn't know what to say apart from to just put it down to her disability. Then she went on to say "Why can all my friends climb trees and play in the park but I can't?" - I just gave a very proper response and we continued to watch TV. Now I am older, through maturity and the success of what my Dad and Poppy have done already, I want to be able to be the fantastic older brother that Poppy deserves and help her, to the best of my ability, to participate in activities/events that she never thought of doing (that I felt I was unable to do when I was younger). I almost want other children of her age to look at what she is doing and say "Mum/Dad/Brother/Sister why can't I do that?” Through what we have been through as a family, over the past 11 years, I also appreciate that we have absolutely no idea what might be around the corner. It’s about grasping the time that we have right now, doing whatever we can for Poppy, together.

Poppy says the main thing she enjoys about Treloar’s is that she knows she is understood and all the staff have a great understanding of her needs. In the past, Poppy has become stressed and agitated because people 'baby' her because of her disability; however, this has never been an issue at Treloar’s. She just feels so accepted there. Whether it’s in a social environment (I mean, she already has herself a boyfriend) or participating in Sport. They are things that she knows she would struggle to be able to take part in/develop if she wasn't at the School. She absolutely loves it there!

Poppy and I see this as being a great opportunity to raise as much money as we can for Treloar’s. We all want to show our appreciation for what a fantastic job everybody does there: Poppy getting access to such great care and education has been such a relief for our family because we have always wanted for Poppy to fulfill her potential and have a great quality of life.

How much does this mean to us? It can't really be put into words. Even the thought of crossing the finish line with Poppy overwhelms me with emotion. I still can't quite believe that we are going to be attempting a marathon. It will be a huge personal achievement for myself, overcoming the problems that I get as a result of my leg injury. However, the fact that I am doing it with Pops and we are raising money for Treloar’s will mean the most. I just hope that we raise enough money to really make a difference.

Poppy, Sam and Rob are pushing themselves for Treloar's and we are totally blown away by their commitment, motivation and passion to make this happen! Brighton Marathon is not only 26.2 miles in length but significantly along Brighton's hilly thoroughfares - a real challenge to seasoned runners. And if all goes to plan, this is just a warm up for the Swansea Triathlon in May!

If you are able, please support this truly amazing family in their epic adventure by sharing their story or by donating online.