Brighton Marathon success on wheels!

May 29, 2015 Back to news index

When 30 year old Olly Coulson decided to get involved with the Petersfield Roundtable, he thought it would be a nice way to meet new people and give support to the local community. Little did he think that 18 months later he would be partnering up with fellow Roundtabler Andy Guest for the challenge of a lifetime. On 12 th April 2015, Andy pushed Olly most of the way around the Brighton Marathon route in a wheelchair to raise money for Treloar’s.

Olly has a right hemiparesis caused by a head injury, which means that the right side of his body has limited movement and although he can walk, he can’t walk far and needs a wheelchair for longer distances. He was a student at Treloar’s from 1999 to 2005. Given his disability, he always thought a marathon would be beyond him. But Andy had other ideas!

Last year Andy ran seven marathons so “wheelchairing” the Brighton Marathon felt like an achievable challenge: “I completed the Prudential Ride 100 for Treloar’s last year,” Andy said, “which was about the time I first met Olly. We became friends and he told me how he wanted to complete a marathon but couldn’t walk or run the 26 miles. I slept on it and then offered to push him in his wheelchair and we decided together that we had to do it for Treloar’s”.

And together (with a little bit of help from friends and family) they made it round the 26.2 mile course in a stunning 6 hours and 42 minutes.

Olly said of Treloar’s, “I wanted to raise money for Treloar’s because it’s a really good college and people there really gave me a chance, when I wasn’t given a chance elsewhere. I hope we can raise lots of money to fund more wheelchairs and equipment, and help promote Roundtable too!”

The Petersfield Pair initially aimed to raise £1,000 for Treloar’s but are currently looking at surpassing the £4,000 level, which is truly amazing!! We are incredibly grateful for their hard work and generous support.

If you feel inspired to take on the challenge of a lifetime, please get in touch with us and help to change lives.

Please have a look at their amazing highlights on their video.

Brighton Marathon success on wheels!