David Hockney - The Old Master of Modern Art

Nov. 29, 2016 Back to news index

On Thursday 24th November Treloar’s was delighted to host a lecture in “David Hockney - The Old Master of Modern Art” In the presence of Douglas Skeggs - Art Historian and Broadcaster. The lecture celebrated the works of Hockney exploring abstract expression, contemporary polaroid photography and using todays technology, such as iPads to bring his artworks to life. Skeggs himself has not only written and presented documentaries, but also written novels. His writing also includes Monet, River light exploring another’s perception of art.

Throughout the evening guests enjoyed the chance to purchase some of Treloar’s Christmas gifts, scarfs, try their luck with the raffle table and who can forget the wine! Also on show, was Tom Yendell’s recent poppy painting, which is currently on auction to raise money for Treloar’s.

In total the event raised £4,175! This contribution will go towards helping students to get the necessary support needed for education and therapies.

Written By Jess Brown

Fundraising/Marketing Volunteer

Photographs courtesy of JMB Productions

David Hockney - The Old Master of Modern Art