The Adventures of Peter Pan

June 30, 2016 Back to news index

Last Friday, 3INT & 3/4INT whisked us away to a far off land filled with adventures, fairies, pirates, a crafty croc and a ticking clock - all with the generous helping of some magic pixie dust.

Pike Hall was packed out with students, staff, friends and family all eager to see the 3INT & 3/4INT reimagining of The Adventures of Peter Pan. 3INT teacher, Debbie Hobbs, provided the narration whilst Imogen signed the story for our guests.

First stop, London! And transporting us there was Laurence, our bus driver, accompanied by his very capable umbrella wielding Tour Guide, Freya. After taking in all highlights our great Capital has to offer - and indulging in some retail therapy - our next destination was The Darling Residence.

It was here we met Wendy and Big Mike (played by Tabitha and Chris) alongside Peter Pan (Darcie). Nimmo, Treloar’s buddy dog, even made a delightful appearance as Nana, the Darling’s beloved dog. But we didn’t stay there for long...

Thanks to a sprinkling of pixie dust provided by the lovely Tinker Bell (Daisy) we soon took flight and headed towards the second star to the right in search of Neverland. And all to the musical backing of R Kelly’s 1998 Grammy Award winning smash hit, I Believe I Can Fly.

Shortly after arriving in Neverland, we encountered a sword wielding gaggle of Lost Boys (Tommy, Nicole and Cherie), Tiger Lily (Cristina) and of course the infamous Captain Hook (Charlie).

*Cue booing*

An astounding fight scene broke out and it looked like Hook was going to win until Crocodile (Dan) and Clock (Tracey) saved the day and took down the terrifying tyrant!

A huge thank you to 3INT & 3/4INT, Debbie, Aggi and everyone involved behind the scenes for all your hard work and creativity! We laughed, we cried, we gasped and we clapped. And one thing is for sure, if we didn’t believe in magic before – we do now.

Well done everyone for an outstanding performance!

The Cast

London Bus Driver - Laurence

London Tour Guide and Microphone - Freya

Wendy and Big Mike - Tabitha and Chris

Nana - Nimmo

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell - Darcie and Daisy

Lost Boys - Tommy, Nicole and Cherie

Captain Hook and Tiger Lily - Charlie and Cristina

Crocodile and Clock - Dan and Tracey

Narrator and Signer - Debbie and Imogen

Lovely Ladies - Bethany, Sue, Agi, Kirsty,

Katherine, Antonia and Donna

Sound/Music and Video - Tom E. and Helen C.

The Adventures of Peter Pan