Stumbling, tumbling and flying high for Treloar’s

May 9, 2016 Back to news index

On Saturday 7th May Katie and I took part in the Gung-Ho! inflatable 5K obstacle course at Southampton Common to raise vital funds for our students.

Working at Treloar’s we get to see first-hand the passion, expertise of our staff and how their dedicated support enables our students to reach their full potential regardless of disability. It is a fantastic work environment and very much a place of hope, accomplishment and inspiration. However, working in the fundraising team, we are well aware that these amazing services come at a cost. Each year we need to fundraise over £1.5 million to continue providing specialist equipment, staffing and services for our students.

Disability is not - and never should be - a barrier to achievement but lack of funding puts this at jeopardy. As the Community and Events Fundraiser, it’s my job to provide our supporters who fundraise on our behalf advice and guidance to help with their various activities throughout the year. We wanted to take on a challenge ourselves to show support – not only for our students – but for our fantastic fundraisers too.

So why Gung-Ho!? It’s simple. Both Katie and I hate running. As someone who is far from sporty, coupled with a haunting memory of finishing last in year 10 cross country, the very thought of running any distance fills me with dread and is something I try to avoid at all costs. Therefore a 5K course laden with giant obstacles seemed like a suitable challenge.

Race day quickly arrived and on Saturday we gathered on Southampton Common with the rest of Team Treloar’s (Danny Toop, Dan Spence and Eileen Emery) and four thousand other runners. With the sun beating down on us we crawled, climbed and meandered through mazes and - very ungraciously - over towering obstacles including a 10ft inflatable wall, the world’s biggest bouncy castle-style inflatable and Europe’s tallest inflatable slide.

Despite my apprehension, I am pleased to report we did successfully complete the course and conquer every obstacle. We’ll take away with us not only sun burn, blisters and scrapes but memories of a fantastic day out; running for a reason and raising money for a brilliant cause very close to our hearts. Go Team Treloar’s!

Stumbling, tumbling and flying high for Treloar’s