Treloar's wins with Waitrose

March 7, 2018 Back to news index

We are incredibly grateful to all the customers at Waitrose Alton for selecting Treloar’s in the Community Matters green token scheme. We have received £410 which will be used to help buy a new mini library for one of our residential houses.

Our students access literature, text and stories in any way that they can. From reading alone or with the support of a Carer, listening to an audio book or watching a story being told through sign language, interacting with props and sounds to sitting in a group setting while being read to, every student immerses themselves in this recreational activity that allows them to escape, use their imagination and develop their skills.

155 of our students board in student accommodation during the week and at weekends and therefore would benefit greatly from a stocked Mini Library on their residential house, as the Learning Resource Centre is not open at these times. These Libraries will be installed in our residential houses so that we can branch out and provide our students with literary and technological resources 7 days a week during the day and the evening.

Each Mini Library will be a portable unit stocked with a variety of books appropriate to the age and ability of the students on the house. As well as literature the libraries will also have Tablets so that some students can access Kindle, audio books, games, music, DVDs, sensory equipment and props. Each Mini Library would rotate around the houses each term so that the students can access new and different resources on a regular basis.

Thank you to everyone who posted a token for Treloar’s and helped to make such a difference.

Treloar's wins with Waitrose