A Volunteer's Insight

Dec. 7, 2016 Back to news index

There are so many ways you can support Treloar's and make a difference without even spending a penny. We are reliant (and incredibly grateful!) to our volunteers as they provide essential support ensuring the fundraising department runs smoothly and successfully.

Former student, Sophie Taylor, has been volunteering in the fundraising department 3 days a week since October. Today, she shares with us her experiences as a volunteer.

Why did you want to volunteer in fundraising?

I wanted to volunteer in fundraising because I like writing. I enjoy designing posters. I would like a job doing things on the PC as I don’t need much help.

What sort of jobs have you been doing?

I have been doing a lot of research jobs. I did some Christmas events research. I redesigned the Christmas carol booklet. I did some research about leaving a gift in your will. I wrote some letters.

What’s been your favourite thing?

The Christmas carol booklet. I redesigned the booklet I added photos and put new borders on. I tried to match the photo with the songs.

What’s been your least favourite thing?

NA I like all of it.

What new things or skills have you learnt?

I have learnt how it feels to be at work. I have learnt how to communicate with people in a business situation. I have learnt if you have a deadline for work you might not be happy with it.

Would you recommend volunteering in fundraising?

Yes I would, I am really enjoying it. I am hoping to go into volunteer work near home. I would to do volunteer fundraising near home. I would recommend it if you enjoy reading, writing, designing and research.

If you are able to dedicate some of your time and help volunteer in any way or would be interested in getting some more information please do give us a call on 01420 547 477 or email fundraising@treloar.org.uk

Your support really will make an enormous difference to the young disabled students at Treloar’s.