Vote for Treloar's at your local Tesco!

Oct. 20, 2016 Back to news index

We are very excited to announce that Treloar's has been shortlisted in the Tesco Bags For Life Challenge and is in with a chance of getting £12,000!

Our proposal is to use the money to purchase up to five large outdoor musical instruments and create an outdoor musical and sensory area for our students, who all have complex physical disabilities and associated learning difficulties. Once in place we would like to open this up to other local schools to come and enjoy as well.

The giant musical instruments will provide a unique learning and sensory environment that will enable our young people to engage, progress and achieve in their learning, enhance their social development, address physical, emotional and intellectual needs and most importantly it will provide them with a space to have fun!

A large babel drum, colossus chimes and an over-sized colourful xylophone are just a few of the instruments Treloar's would like to buy. When played they offer therapeutic experiences for all ages. They will allow each and every one of our students to create music, develop skills and for those who have no verbal communication they will be able to express themselves in ways that they haven’t done before.

We think it is vital that students have as many opportunities as possible to be outside in the fresh air, as much of their day is spent receiving essential medical attention, therapy and care. The instruments, that are pieces of art in their own right, will encourage our students and visiting pupils to venture outside and play the instruments.

You can vote at the two Tesco Locals closest to Treloar’s on Anstey Lane, Alton and in Four Marks between the 31 October - 13 November.

Thank you!

Vote for Treloar's at your local Tesco!