Give In Celebration

When you have something special to celebrate, family and friends often want to buy a gift to mark the occasion. But if you already have all the toasters, toiletries, clothes and knick-knacks that you need why not ask your friends and family to make a donation to Treloar’s in lieu of a gift?

The donation can be made in your honour and everyone will know their gift will be contributing to a worthwhile cause.

One easy way to collect these donations is by setting up a JustGiving page, through which online donations can be made. Donations will come directly to Treloar’s and you will be able to see who has made a donation and to read the messages they have sent.

Or we can supply information about our work and provide collection boxes, making it easy for family and friends to give and gift aid their donation if appropriate. We will thank all donors and will let you know the total amount donated after the event.

To request information, collection boxes or to talk about ways we can help, please contact Charlotte on 01420 547 431 or email

If you would prefer to pay in all your ‘gifts’ after the event you can do this online and we will acknowledge safe receipt.

Thank you Peter!

Peter Cox featured below with his wife Brenda asked family and friends to make donations to Treloar’s instead of gifts for his 70th birthday. Peter and Brenda have been supporters for many years, as Brenda attended Treloar's as a child.

We really do love to hear all about your events, if you have any messages or photos you'd like to share please do send them in to us.