At the core of all Treloar’s does is our key objective to help our students achieve their greatest potential. Part of this is our aim to ensure that our students gain the most independence possible – this might be learning to communicate, to drive their own wheelchair, to dress themselves or accessing a PC for the first time.

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Treloar’s prides itself on providing our students with the best equipment and facilities to ensure that they have the chance to achieve as much progress as possible during their time at Treloar’s.

This equipment might be something simple - like the “o” frame (pictured) which both helps to stimulate some of our most complex younger students, as well as to relax those students who might become scared or anxious. Or we may invest in more advanced technology such as “eye gaze” that can unlock a young person’s ability to communicate, giving them a voice for the first time by allowing them to type using an onscreen keyboard and mouse controlled by eye movement. In addition to individual pieces of equipment it is essential that we also raise funds to buy minibuses as these enable our students to leave campus to attend College, medical appointments or simply to go out like any other young person.

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Specialist Support

One of the unique elements of Treloar’s is our specialist staff. We have a Visual Impairment Advisor, Dietician, Counselling team and Chaplain to ensure we can provide holistic support for our students. Given the complexity of our students’ needs and that these regularly change as a result of their medical conditions, it is vital to have these posts based on site.

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Sports & Activities

Often students join Treloar’s believing that they cannot try various sporting or other activities either because they have been told it is too difficult or because they do not have the self-confidence to take part. At Treloar’s we want to ensure that our students have as wide and as varied a spectrum of opportunities to explore and enjoy as any other young person. This enriches the time they spend with us and their future lives as doors are opened to many activities, hobbies and interests. We also have a notable record in encouraging sporting ambition and training Paralympic athletes – just one of our former students, Ben Rushgrove, who won medals in both Beijing and London – is featured in our achievements section.

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Thanks to our funders we are able to supply our students with the most up to date equipment and state of the art facilities in which to live and learn. In turn this ensures we provide the best care, the best equipment to ensure our students make the most progress possible and give our students the best opportunity to become part of achieving our vision to create a world where physically disabled young people learn to take control of their lives and dare to dream.

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