We have an ongoing list of equipment needs for our students which is updated regularly as new needs are identified or as new equipment becomes available.

Acheeva Boards

With the help of our donors Treloar’s recently purchased two “Acheeva Boards” to address the needs of its sensory learners who have severe physical disabilities. These students need a range of postural management to allow them to access their learning: if it is painful to sit, to use a keyboard or look at a white board in class then students cannot easily concentrate or focus in class. The Acheeva Board is a portable postural management system which is like a comfortable portable trolley. This allows a student to be in lots of different positions outside their wheelchair, such as on their side or or on their tummy, whichever position the student needs to be in to be comfortable to learn. It also provides full support to a student to protect their body shape and respiratory function.

The positions the student can be placed in using the Acheeva allow attendance in the classroom with peers, rather than the student having to go out of class and lie on their bed or stay in one position all the time to manage their discomfort. This not only increases the student’s ability to learn but also their general well-being and confidence by making it possible to stay in the classroom for a full lesson.


Last year we replaced two of our ageing minibus fleet – one of the new minibuses was purchased specifically for its four wheel drive capability to ensure that our students can still get out and about during bad weather. We also plan to use it when our students want to attend music festivals as it will allow us to take them over fields (and mud!). This year we will launch a new appeal for a larger coach-style bus that will ensure we can transport larger groups of students off site as we often have to take two minibuses, requiring two drivers, to one destination.