Enabling Independence

There are many ways in which we support our students to be as independent as possible.

One of the keys areas is the work done by our team of Assistive Technologists - they enable our students to use computers to complete their coursework by adapting joysticks or keyboards as well as giving them the ability to drive their own powered wheelchairs so they are independently mobile.

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Providing The Right Wheelchair

97% of our students are now reliant on wheelchairs for their mobility so we award grants to help them purchase the most suitable wheelchair. It is essential that our students are using the correct wheelchair to support their posture and ensure their comfort, as well as giving them the option of independent mobility as opposed to being pushed.

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Giving Students a Voice

One in three students at Treloar's has little or no natural speech. Funding for specialist communication devices and the work of our Speech and Language Therapists means our students can talk and express their feelings, sometimes for the very first time.

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