Assistive Technology

This is one of the key areas which we raise money for each year because of the impact it has on our students’ lives on a daily basis.

At Treloar’s, we believe that each young person with a disability, no matter how severe, has the right to access an education and gain the skills to lead a fulfilled and independent adult life.But how do you complete a piece of coursework without the physical dexterity to use a pen or type using a keyboard?How do you make friends if you are unable to communicate verbally?The physical problems that our students live with can present barriers in terms of practical access to studies and simple daily tasks.

Assistive Technology is a rare branch of the engineering profession and provides a solution to these issues, considerably improving the quality of our students’ lives.This support is so important to our students’ wellbeing as well as their ability to learn and fulfil their potential that we have an on-site Assistive Technology department.

Our team of specialists apply technology to a challenge a student may face, whether that is related to computing, communications, wheelchair mobility, seating or sport and leisure. Solutions can be high or low-tech and can include adapting a keyboard and joystick for a computer; sourcing specialist software so students can produce coursework; mounting a student's communication aid onto their wheelchair; providing a bespoke head rest for a wheelchair or adapting a spoon so a student can eat independently.All of these solutions contribute towards allowing our students to learn – you cannot learn and achieve if you are uncomfortable or have low self-esteem.

As this supported is provided for all of our 160 students, often on a long-term basis, having the Assistive Technology team on site minimises disruption to our students’ education as well as ensuring that we can respond promptly to their changing needs.

You can make a real difference by making a donation or raising money on our behalf – please see the Get Involved section of our website, call us on 01420 547 477 or email for more information.