Can you imagine not being able to speak? Or not being able to have a simple conversation? You know a great joke but cannot share it with friends. People talk over you or worse avoid you completely! You are keen to learn, have some great ideas but can’t express your ideas or ask a question. You can’t even tell your Mum or Dad that you love them. That is the reality of life for a significant number of our youngsters as almost 85% of our student population have some level of speech impairment.

Being able to communicate is very much the key to life for all of us and having a voice is integral to our students' wellbeing and their ability to progress and learn. Our Speech and Language Therapy team work with our students on an individual, long-term basis to find a communication method that works for them. This ranges from trialling simple symbol cards or communication books to using computer programmes or hi-tech eye-gaze technology. Having a wide range of equipment and the chance to try out innovative new technology is the only way to identify the right solution for each of our students, especially as they often have complex needs and these can evolve over time as their abilities change.

If this vital work motivates or inspires you to help us and you would like to support this very important area of our work, please get in touch to find out more about the current needs of our Speech and Language Therapy department.

You can make a real difference by making a donation or raising money on our behalf – please see the Get Involved section of our website, call us on 01420 547 477 or email for more information.