Pushing the Boundaries – Treloar’s Style!

At Treloar’s, we aim to provide each student with the support, confidence and skills to achieve their potential in every aspect of life. Our innovative Pushing the Boundaries outward-bound study project enables our students to experience life outside their usual parameters, offering huge opportunities for personal development and a great deal of fun at Calvert Trust, a specialist centre in Exmoor, Devon. The project is essential for students to develop their independence skills and is a rare opportunity for them to take part in activities that they had previously believed were out of their reach.

This year 12 of our Year 10 and 11 students had the pleasure of attending the Pushing the Boundaries trip and undertook a vast array of activities, these included:

  • Adrenalin and sporting activities – such as abseiling from the top of a 15 metre tower, crate stacking, a zip wire experience and canoeing. Students also had an archery lesson – where specially adapted bows were used – an activity which helps to incorporate elements of the PE curriculum and also results in an inter class competition.
  • Problem solving and confidence building activities which included orienteering and a challenge course.
  • Social activities such as the evening disco and toasting marshmallows on the open fire, as well as a visit by some animals from Exmoor zoo!

These students are constantly challenged to operate outside their normal ‘comfort zone’ while they are away from Treloar’s and the physical recreation involved can improve both their stamina and physical co-ordination.

They work as part of a team, make their own decisions and choices and build up their communications and social skills, all at the same time. The excursion also fits in with the curriculum incorporating literacy and numeracy skills, as well as research, planning and fieldwork, but fundamentally it is a fund trip away for all involved and it is always regarded as one of the highlights of their time at Treloar’s!

Staff from all departments at Treloar’s are given the opportunity to join the students on their week at in Exmoor, and it is testament to the success of the project and staff relationships with the students that places are always over-subscribed. This year 25 staff went to ensure the students’ safety and full participation in activities. Each member of staff is responsible for the care and supervision of one student. This results in many carrying out unfamiliar duties and gives everyone an insight into the roles of other staff at School.

This wonderful experience is only possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters and with your continued support we will continue to offer this life-changing trip to future generations of Treloar’s students. Thank you.

If you are interested in helping to fund next years’ trip please email Lucinda Gillingham or call 01420 547461 for more details