Staff Art Exhibition 2016

Sept. 19, 2016 - Oct. 5, 2016

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Last year we held our first ever Staff Art Exhibition. We were surprised and delighted, not only by the large number of staff who took part, but also by the incredibly high standard of the work and the wide variety of media featured which spanned everything from decoupage and jewellery making to watercolours and oil painting.

With staff in finance, on our residential houses, in our counselling team and in our therapies departments all contributing, we also discovered that we had artistically talented individuals around nearly every corner of the campus, and not just in our arts-oriented classrooms.

As our first annual staff art exhibition was such a success, we have decided to make this an annual event. Holding this exhibition close to the beginning of the autumn term means that our term-time only staff have plenty of time to create new artworks for the exhibition; we are expecting great things!

Entry is free and all are welcome.

Exhibition Opening Hours: 8.00am - 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)