College Students interviewed by Daily Mirror

March 18, 2015, 11:18 a.m.

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Treloar College was approached by the Daily Mirror to become involved in some research around the views of young people about politics. The paper’s young person’s journalist, Helen Whitehouse, was travelling around the country interviewing groups of young people about their views on politics and nine of our College students were keen to become involved. Helen and two colleagues from British Future, who were working with Helen on the project, visited Treloar’s for an hour long... discussion with students. Topics which were important to students included inclusion, immigration, the armed forces, the NHS, accessibility, student tuition fees and the right to attend special schools and colleges. There was a general feeling of mistrust of politicians and a desire for more transparency.

The lively discussion was followed by several of the students being filmed for use on the Daily Mirror website.

As a result of their involvement two of the Treloar’s students have been invited to be amongst twenty who will visit the House of Commons and have the opportunity to meet with MPs from different parties and to express their views on what politicians can do to make politics matter to young people.