Damian Hinds MP referendum Q&A

June 20, 2016, 10:55 a.m.

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The school hall was packed with students on Monday ready to start another week at Treloar’s and also to listen and question our local MP, Damian Hinds on his views about the European referendum.

Andre kicked off proceedings with a question about the effect of the referendum on the football and it swiftly moved on to more serious issues. Joss asked about immigration, Will asked about the impact on the NHS of leaving, Saskia asked if leaving Europe will effect our sign up to the Human Rights Act and Phoebe and Jehana questioned Mr Hinds about how rights for the disabled and elderly would be effected if Brexit came to pass. Stefan expressed his views that he thought it best to leave but wanted to hear Mr Hind’s reasons for remaining and Ciara asked how long it would take to leave, which no one really knows.

Mr Hinds, who at the start stated his bias for the Remain camp, fielded the questions in depth and was very impressed with both the directness and perceptiveness of the questions being asked and also that such a broad range of topics were covered. The Q&A with Mr Hinds came on the back of class trips to the Houses of Parliament earlier this year and also an internal debate last week at which Treloar students voted that they would want to stay a part of Europe, but it was a close run thing. Whether Monday’s session changed any minds is now a moot point but it was great to have the opportunity to discuss the issues with our MP.