Fourth annual Nutrition Week at Treloar's

May 26, 2016, 3:05 p.m.

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This week has been the fourth annual Nutrition Week at Treloar's with a theme this year of ‘poo’. We have looked at the digestive system and how it all works, the components of poo and how diet and fluid affect the final outcome. A display stand in the Jowett Centre told students and staff about the importance of fibre and fluid in the formation of poo as well as how to recognise and manage some digestive conditions. In the café, high fibre items such as prune smoothies and Weetabix muffins were on sale for staff and students to enjoy. Flossie excelled herself this year by setting up an outside poo station. This allowed students to see the poo from different animals and think about how diet affects the poo they produce. Students were then able to make edible poo out of chocolate and marshmallows with prizes for the most lifelike.

Nutrition week has been a great success this year. This can be a difficult subject for anyone but we have tried to tackle it in a fun and informative way. As a result students have been able to speak freely about ‘poo‘ and therefore remove any embarrassment about it – this has enabled them to learn and have a laugh at the same time. In addition by spreading the theme across many elements on campus we have been able to reinforce the message which has made it more effective and have greater impact.