Guildford Gala - March 2015

March 23, 2015, 11:17 a.m.

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This past weekend the Treloar’s swim squad took part in the Guildford Gala with seven swimmers altogether. It was another successful swimming gala for the Treloar’s swim squad. In all, swimmers came home with 6 medals and 9 Personal Bests (PBs). There were tears and cheers throughout the competition.

Unfortunately Ella had to pull out after her first race due to injury. Eliza swam four races with very creditable times. Daniella, who joins us from... Amery Hill, blasted her way through with 4 PBs and a silver and a bronze medal. Toby joined us with his Dad from Amery Hill for his second gala, getting his first medal – a silver. He swam in two races coming in a very close 4th in his second race. Lucy put in all her effort with good results achieving a PB and a silver medal. Paul came back after an unfortunate disqualification to finish with a silver and a bronze for his other two races. Leah powered her way through, having two good races and achieving two PBs and winning two bronze medals.