​It’s a dog’s life

July 28, 2016, 9:09 a.m.

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It is hard to believe I have now been buddy dog at Treloar’s for two years. I feel really settled and have made lots and lots of friends. Every morning I rush in to school from the car park with a wagging tail and a spring in my step. It is never long before I get a friendly greeting and lots of people telling me how gorgeous and well behaved I am. What a great life!student walking nimmo

What I love about Treloar’s is that no two days are ever the same. There are some events that I am now used to on a regular basis – lovely Sue comes and takes me for my walks, fabulous Jocelyn is very easy to persuade to give me some bonus treats whenever she pops in to the office, and my best buddy Higgins is great fun to hang out with when we are on our breaks. This year I have really enjoyed working with the physio team and have some amazing students I work with on a regular basis. Sometimes a student will walk me around the site, sometimes I help them to stretch well and sometimes I just make them feel happy, relaxed and motivated.

Nimmo in soft play areaSoft play is just a great place to work with the students – it is one of my favourite places and I can see how much the students enjoy their time there too. The work with the physio team is a lot of fun, and when I do something good or cute I often get a treat. Another place I love to visit is the health centre – I get lots of strokes here and enjoy making students feel a bit calmer if they are feeling anxious. Nurse Alex is one of my number 1 fans so it is always nice seeing her as well. There are some students I particularly look out for around Treloar’s because I know they really like me and this makes me happy. I know some have their own dogs at home and they like to see me as a reminder of their own pets. Dog owners definitely have the best smell and my tail wags extra fast when I detect one along the corridor!

And whilst some of my daily activities with students and staff are ones I have grown used to, at least every week something happens which is new, exciting, or just a bit surprising! For example, this year I went to outer space with a student as part of one of their lessons, and they made a recording of it which was shown at their annual review. This involved something called a ‘green screen’ – I don’t really know what this is but it seemed to take us to new and incredible places, and made everyone smile. Another time when I was in the office on my own having some down time, a whole load of musical instruments got moved in and left there. When the grown-ups who work in ‘my’ office returned, they were a bit surprised too. We thought about setting up a band (I liked the look of the drums!) but then the instruments got moved out again. I think they were just being stored in there out of the way until they were ready to be used for the Lord Mayor’s concert in the hall.Nimmo and drums

I also enjoyed featuring as Nano the dog in the INT panto ‘Peter Pan’. This year I could show off my special paw skills by using a switch to deliver my lines. I wasn’t 100% on the costume – it didn’t do much for my manly image –but everyone in the show seemed to be wearing a costume, so I guess it is part of being an actor. Debbie said I was very clever and I was very proud to be working with such talented students and staff.

Treloar’s is such a positive and fun place – I feel really lucky to be part of the community. As I take my break over the summer holiday and enjoy long daily walks, when I snooze I am dreaming of the students and staff and Treloar’s, and look forward to all the strokes and attention I know I will receive when I start the new academic year in September.

Over and out (for now)