Running the Brighton Marathon pushing a wheelchair?

March 28, 2015, 11:15 a.m.

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Former Treloar student Olly Coulson and friend Andy Guest will be undertaking the Brighton Marathon for Treloar’s on Saturday 12th April 2015. What makes this an even more remarkable achievement is that Andy will be pushing 30 year old Olly round the 26.2 mile course in his wheelchair!!

Olly can walk short distances so will be able to give Andy a bit of a rest but it is going to be an enormous challenge. We are incredibly honoured that they are putting themselves through this for Treloar’s and if you are able to support their super-human efforts you can donate by visiting The pair are part of the Petersfield Roundtable who have supported Treloar’s for a number of years through the PUAD and having a team in the Ride100. What an amazing bunch they are!