School and College celebrate Arts Week

March 11, 2016, 12:52 p.m.

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Treloar School and College celebrated Arts Weeks last week with the theme of Free your Imagination and ‘I have a dream’, incorporating one of the British Values – Freedom of Expression. Linked into the week’s theme is an exhibition of student posters in the Jowett Centre showing student ‘dreams’ and visits by several storytellers and visitors.

The week started with a visit from Annalie Talent from Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton. Annalie talked to students who attended about Jane Austen’s early life, activities she took part in due to being a woman in the Regency era and brought in the range of items including kitchen tools, images and clothing.

For World Book Day, Darren Matthews from Treehouse Theatre Company visited. He read three different stories to both School and College students as well as a group of students from Saxon Wood School, who specially visited Treloar’s to listen to the entertaining and engaging stories. To finish the week, Mike O’Leary, Hagstone Hampshire folk storyteller, returned to spin his tales for the students. Mike, who has visited us before on a number of occasions, uses unusual instruments and sound effects to bring his stories to life and engage with the students.

It was overall a successful and entertaining week for our students.