Treloar College exam success

Aug. 22, 2016, 11:24 a.m.

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Treloar College, in association with Alton College, is celebrating the success of the Treloar’s students who all achieved outstanding results in their A Levels, AS Levels and BTEC qualifications. Staff and students are delighted with their results.

Special recognition has to go the following students who, with determination, drive and focus, have overcome the odds to secure their aspirations and dreams:

1. Tom, who has passed Film Studies and Media to secure his place at London South Bank University and have the opportunity to study BA Film Studies, moving him one step closer to his ambition of working within the media industry.

2. Rebecca for securing her place at Stirling University to study a degree in Social Work and

3. Jordan (pictured), who has overcome immense physical disabilities to pass his Extended Project Qualification, thus allowing him the opportunity to take his place up in September at Southampton Solent University to study the Foundation Degree in Journalism and Sports.

For Jordan the journey has been immense and for all that know him and have had the pleasure of working alongside him, they will celebrate this success. Jordan’s father Chris is “over the moon with Jordi’s result in his EPQ. I always knew he would work hard to get this but I was always a bit apprehensive. There is a fine balance between a nagging father and a nurturing one, as far as I was concerned it was always nurturing – he will never say that..!! I also know the incredible team behind him and Jordi’s classmates have immense belief in their students and will go ‘beyond the norm ‘to help them achieve their potential, if it is there they will develop and support till the end. Through his hard work he can now move into the world of University, I know the foundation of self-belief and confidence he has achieved has will stand him in good stead – nevertheless I will still nurture him along…..or am I nagging..!! I can’t thank Treloar College enough for everything they have done for Jordan and myself. Jordan can now live the dream!”