Treloar's makes shapes in pureed food

Feb. 13, 2015, 11:27 a.m.

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A number of Treloar’s students cannot eat food unless it has been pureed. Unfortunately when food is pureed it generally does not keep its original shape or texture which can make it look unappealing.

Treloar’s dietitians and catering staff have searched for a solution to make the food more appetising for students. Crafting it so the students can recognise their food was the primary driving force behind the new use of food moulds. This in turn would make the food more appealing and increase student’s intake. The moulds have been successfully used in many elderly care homes and some hospitals and after a visit by chefs and Dietitians to a care home in Waterlooville and seeing the impact using the moulds made, the decision was made to move forward and introduce it at Treloar’s.

After half term food moulds will be used to give those students who require a pureed diet a more pleasurable eating experience as the food served will resemble what the food looked like before it was pureed but the consistency will still be correct for the student to be able to eat it. This week the moulds were used for the first time to give students a taster of what to expect when they return. The reaction was overwhelming positive. One student’s comment: “It was cool. I liked it. It made me feel more grown up.”

Soon pureed carrots will resemble carrots at Treloar’s.