Treloar's Memorial Garden and Bench at Froyle

Feb. 6, 2017, 11:34 a.m.

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When Treloar’s moved from Lower Froyle in 2010 we were aware that people had asked to have their loved ones memorialised there during the 60 years we spent in Froyle. Because of this we have created a permanent memorial garden at the old site to honour those staff and students who had passed away and been memorialised there. We also installed a bench in front of St Mary’s Church in Froyle in memory of those who had attended or worked at the Froyle campus.

Treloar's bench at St Mary's Church Froyle

Three roses, as well as a “Royal Malus” treeplanted in memory of Ron Jerram, have been moved to this memorial garden. Theashes for Victoria Holliday and Peter and Robert Harris were also moved andrededicated with a lovely service.