Treloar’s new outdoor classroom has the WOW factor

May 14, 2015, 1:05 p.m.

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Treloar’s new outdoor classroom, called Willow Way after its willow tunnel, was opened this past week by the School’s Post 16 President, Lia, and Head Boy, Jasper, with Treloar’s Chair of Trustees, Bruce Powell. Part of a project to make the outdoor environment at the School and College as stimulating as the indoor space, this is the first stage of the programme which will include a dipping pond, a swing which can accommodate wheelchairs and a sensory garden.

Willow Way, designed and funded by Fabrik Design, includes a raised and lit wooden trail, a willow tunnel, a tepee and an outdoor classroom. Windows in the wooden structure which forms the classroom space are reclaimed from Evans House, a residential house which has recently undergone extensive refurbishment. The whole structure was built by the Treloar’s on site estate management team and even features a removable section of roof for sunnier days.

Student Dan’s response to the new classroom: ‘Wow, It is really exciting as we have seen it being built and we really wanted to come in and see if all finished. We are very happy and privileged to have it.’ Other students described it as ‘’warm, homely and a great benefit.’’