Treloar's Pancake Race

Feb. 16, 2015, 11:27 a.m.

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10th February 2015, The Pancake Race is on, oh yeah! Jenny Judge was a very charismatic and enthusiastic MC running the show. But the star of the show was Jon Colville with his Chelsea apron and checked flag. The judges were in place with Miss Dignum (acting head of Treloar) as head judge and Mr A pointing out all the scientific errors.

The first race started and the audience were cheering. I have to say the audience were a bit rowdy and over-excited and true competitiveness came out.

The final race came along and there were 2 contenders; Yas from TFE2 and Charlie from 3INT. It was a dead heat, neck and neck! But in the end Charlie from 3INT won.

Author: David Moncholi