Treloar's students work experience at SKY

Oct. 13, 2015, 10 a.m.

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Last week eleven Treloar School and College students had the opportunity to take part in two work experience days at SKY. Six students focussed on Technology, and five on Media. All the students spent time exploring the interactive careers lab, which was incredible. They completed a task which involved developing a new TV show, which included budgeting and being creative. Students asked questions to one of the commissioning editors at SKY and all used ipads to create a SKY Academy account, which is accessible from home and can help explore all the career opportunities within SKY.

Students work experience at SKY

One of the highlights was exploring Sky Sports studios, watching the live action, and discovering what happens behind the scenes. All students were encouraged to apply for further work placements and talked through the steps on how to do this. 100 work experience places are kept aside for students that attend SKY academy days so this could be beneficial for the eleven students who visited.

We worked in collaboration with Whizzkidz on this placement and are extremely grateful for this fantastic opportunity. We would also like to thank all of the staff that supported this trip; it would not be possible without you. SKY was an amazing experience as described by Andre: ‘you have made my dreams come true’. Treloar's are always looking to work with new employers - please contact Maria Sherwood for further information (