Treloar's Willow Way now has a dipping pond

April 25, 2016, 11:19 a.m.

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Treloar’s students gathered to celebrate the final stage of their outdoor classroom with the addition of a dipping pond. The new feature has been added to Willow Way, which is comprised of a wigwam and outdoor classroom connected with raised ramps for wheelchairs and willow tunnels.

Treloar’s previously had a dipping pond at its Froyle site but since the School moved to Holybourne students have not had this facility. The project was paid for through fundraising with SAP, based at Bedfont Lakes near Heathrow, contributing much of the funds via their Corporate Social Responsibility plan through which they support eight charity projects per year. As well as helping with the finances SAP staff put in some manual labour, helping to dig the hole to accommodate the pond.

The facility was opened by Martin Kercher from SAP who championed the project from the initial stage of Treloar’s application for funds.

The event saw students seeing what lives in the pond and finding crayfly nymphs, water snails and water fleas. It is hoped that frogs and other creatures will soon find a new home.