Visit to Treloar's by local artist and kitemaker John Browning

March 23, 2017, 11:16 a.m.

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Beautiful kites made by local artist John Browning are currently displayed on the back windows and wood panelling in the Jowett Centre and this past Tuesday John paid a special visit to Treloar’s to give our students curated tours of his exhibition. John had a very busy and enjoyable morning with five classes coming along to find out more.

John talked to our students about the places, music and people that inspired his kite designs. He asked the students what some of his kites reminded them of, and was delighted with the responses: “I love finding out what other people think of when they look at my kites. One of my kites was inspired by the star constellation Orion. A student told me today that it reminds her of a person on a swing. I can see exactly what she means now but I had never spotted the resemblance before.”

John’s kites are made from plant-based papers that he makes himself. Many students were fascinated by the idea of making their own paper from leaves and really enjoyed looking through the box of treated leaves and paper samples that John had brought with him.

An exhibition of kite art by students entitled “Let’s go fly a kite” is running alongside John’s exhibition and students attending the tours were keen to find out what John thought of their creations; needless to say John was very, very impressed!

Members of the public are welcome to visit both exhibitions which run until the 20th April, week days only, from 9am to 5pm.