Independent Adult Living

The Treloar’s independence living skills service is a service for young disabled adults, aged 18 – 35, who have the potential to benefit from receiving a longer term independence skills learning / development package in a safe and supportive environment. It is the aim of the service that, within a maximum of 2 years, each person using the service will have moved on to some form of independent living.

We believe that by investing in teaching independence skills we can enable each individual to live a more fulfilled life where they exercise choice, are more independent and ultimately can use their skills and talents to enhance the community. Our goal is that by the end of the programme, all our service users will have learnt the skills that will help them thrive and realise their dreams.

Campbell Court

Campbell Court is a community of seven self-contained ground floor flats located adjacent to the Treloar's Campus. Each flat has:

• Single bedroom with bed

• Large lounge area

• Open plan kitchen with height adjustable units

• Wet room with adjustable equipment

• Ceiling track hoist

• Electronic front door

• Fire detectors and alarms

• Central Heating


A skilled Personal Assistant will supply core 24/7 care and be on site at all times, this allows the tenant the security of knowing that help is available at a moment’s notice or that there is someone to help with small tasks. Additional care and support requirements including off site training are available from Treloar’s (or, if preferred, elsewhere) and can be purchased through Direct Payments.

The Treloar's core 24/7 service will support the service users to manage their Direct Payment and broker and source their care and support.

All our team are trained to a very high level in supporting physical disability and independence and are supported professionally by the large and specialised team based on the Treloar’s campus.


The service is outcome led with each service user expected to be supported to improve in 8 outcome areas. Clear goals relating to the outcomes will be co-produced with the service user and Treloar’s, with regular tracking and monitoring of progress towards goals a part of the service contractual requirements.

Our service users are measured throughout the programme for progress in their:

· Ability to get information, support and advice

· Ability to choose and control personal care and support

· Ability to remain healthy and well

· Ability to keep my home safe and clean

· Ability to manage my Direct Payment, other money and household paper work

· Ability to organise and undertake purposeful activities (for example education, training, work, volunteering)

· Ability to have the friends and social life they choose

· Confidence and secure with living my life independently in my own home

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